Sunday, October 31, 2010

Because it isn't Halloween without Tim Curry

This clip is from 1986's The Worst Witch, one of my favorite movies and a staple of every Halloween since I was nine. Based on a series of books by Jill Murphy, it's about Mildred Hubble, a student at Miss Cackle's International Academy For Witches who can't seem to get anything right. Though the movie centers around Mildred's misadventures, it bows down to this scene where the Grand Wizard shows up at the school's Halloween celebration. The Grand Wizard's exact political position in this world is somewhat vague, but he's important and the entire witch population is in love with him. And of course he's played by Tim Curry. And he sings. In front of some of the worst special effects the 80's ever produced. The song itself is pretty bad too ("Has anybody seen my tambourine?"), but as usual Tim Curry brings the awesome to the table, elevating this to a level of so-bad-it's-good hilarity.

By the way, Tim Curry was on Criminal Minds this season. And he was terrifying.

I am doing National Novel Writing Month this year, which means I have to produce a 50,000 word manuscript in 30 days starting November 1...TOMORROW! So you probably won't be hearing from me for awhile. Here's hoping I make it. Good luck if you're doing it too, and Happy Halloween! Watch out for those toads in your bass guitar.

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