Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Which the Blogger Introduces Herself to the Invisible (and possibly imaginary) Audience

Idling Reader,

Nobody may ever read this (except a few lovely, beloved friends) but just in case, hello. There is no proper purpose or function for this display of indecent exposure, apart from the fact that I feel like writing. I'll mostly be writing about books and movies and similar things that cause me to say "I wish I had a sea of anonymous people to talk to about this." I may never gain such an audience or any audience at all, but why not try? Writing is fun. Writing exactly what I want about things I love is even more fun. Now the trick is finding a job that would allow me to have untold amounts of said fun. Until hell freezes over and that dream becomes a reality, I have this.

Words to Grow By:
"'So young a child,' said the gentleman sitting opposite to her, (he was dressed in white paper), 'ought to know which way she's going, even if she doesn't know her own name.'"
--Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

I have no idea which way I'm going. I don't think anybody does. Even if they do or think they do, they never know where they're going to end up.